Our services

  • Corporate, civil and dispute resolution
    1. Incorporation of legal entities (corporations, foundations, limited partnerships, civil associations and joint ventures); Resolutions of Shareholders/Members meetings and Resolutions of the Board of Directors; assistance in Company reorganization, which include, mergers and acquisitions, spin offs, sale of goodwill; assistance and implementation of international reorganization for investment and equity protection; tax planning; assistance with negotiation processes as well as dispute resolution methods (arbitration and mediation).​​
    2. Assist client with all civil and corporate matters in the Company’s daily activities; assist clients in dispute resolution matters –mediation, negotiation, arbitration-. Our scope of work includes: ​​
    3. Draft contracts of different nature (i.e. purchase and sale contract, leasing, loan, credit, service, assigments, power of attorneys);​​
    4. Constitution of collaterals (mortgage, lien, guarantee, letter of credit)​​
    5. Issue promissory notes, drafts and court execution.​
  • Comprehensive tax advice and consultancy
    1. ​Consequences regarding tax matters based on current tax law.​
    2. ​Analysis of tax changes and application of such tax changes as well as impact on taxpayers.
    3. Assist clients with matters regarding:​

      * Income Tax​
      * Value Added Tax​
      * Estate and gift tax​
      * Municipal tax​
      * Science and technology contributions, Drug and other contributions​

    4. ​Foreign Investment regime​
    5. ​Double Tax Conventions (DTAs)​
    6. Analysis, interpretation and application of tax reforms
  • Accounting and financial advice
    1. Keep accounting records and prepare annual financial statements by public certified accountants.​
    2. Advice client on inflation adjustment, analysis of accounting records and / or financial statementsfor a specific transaction, such as analysis of client’ s records in the event of a tax inspection, disposition of assets or businesses.​
    3. Analyse tax and financial situation in the event of business reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, change in stakeholders and any other event that requires our support.
  • Asset protection advice
    1. Creation of alternatives to optimize the current business or personal structure, seeking savings in fiscal spending and asset asset protection.
    2. Use of Investment Protection Treaties and their benefits.
  • Advice and consultancy in commercial and corporate matters
    1. Incorporation of legal entities (corporations, foundations, limited partnerships, civil associations, consortia).
    2. Preparation of Minutes of Assembly and Board of Directors and its registration in the Mercantile Registry.
    3. Advice and implementation of business restructuring such as: merger, spin-off, sale of goodwill; advice and implementation of international structures for the protection of assets and tax planning.
    4. Attention to all civil and commercial matters required by the company, as well as support in the resolution of any conflict through negotiation, mediation and arbitration.
    5. Preparation of contracts of any nature and other legal acts / businesses (sale, lease, loan, usufruct, loans and lines of credit, maquila, services, credit assignments, powers of attorney, sworn statements, judicial and extrajudicial inspections, among others).
    6. Advice and constitution of guarantees (mortgage, pledge, bonds, letters of credit).
    7. Issuance of promissory notes, bills of exchange and their judicial execution.
  • Legal Audits for Companies (Due Diligence)
    1. Review of legal, labor, tax and statutory elements within a Company to assess whether formal and substantial compliances satisfy regulations.​
    2. Client will be provided with a final report describing our findings and recommendations to remedy Company procedures if not complying with regulations, plan contingencies (if any) and make all necessary adjustments to fully comply with regulations.
  • Good Corporate Governance
  • Consulting in Labor Matters
    1. Assist client with best approach of labor matters based on client’ s business organization.​
    2. Advice client with legal labor compliances, both the formal and substantial matters.​
    3. Examine client’ s labor compliance with legal regulation and assess best practices.​
  • Foreign exchange control
    1. Advice and assistance in FX matters.​
    2. Assist clients with administrative proceedings in FX regulations.
  • Customs law
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring
  • Foreign investment
    1. Drafting and registration of technical assistance, royalty and technology transfer contracts that meet the conditions set forth in the foreign investment regime.
    2. Advice on bilateral treaties for the promotion and protection of investments, especially aimed at guidance for choosing the best jurisdictions to channel investments.
    3. Advice regarding the application of the current Foreign Investment Regime.
  • Alternative means of conflict resolution
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts and guarantees
  • International Tax Planning
    1. Assist client in improving current business and personal organization, ensuring equity / wealth protection and tax savings according to the law.​
    2. Organize, implement and manage foreign legal organizations serving personal and business purpose
  • Succession planning and assistance in the presentation of the succession declaration
  • Planning and administration of associative structures
  • Tax recovery procedures and tax credit negotiation
  • Representation and assistance in Administrative and Judicial procedures in Tax, Administrative and Commercial matters
    1. ​Review client’s case and assess whether the administrative/court procedure is feasible.​
    2. Prepare and file the respective petition and follow-up of case. Service includes: contentious proceedings, inspection and audit procedures, rulings and all other document required by the law.​
    3. Represent the Company before public offices and courts of law to defend Client’s interests and rights in a timely manner.
  • Legal Translation Service into the English language

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